Wildlife Management

Critter Control of Albuquerque works to serve the people of the greater Albuquerque area with your wildlife control concerns. We will work with you to identify wildlife infestation, remove animals, and repair damage caused to your home, business, or yard by nuisance wildlife. Whether you have bats in your attic, need help removing raccoons, have a snake infestation, or need professional home repair services, we're here to provide proven and affordable solutions for your home or business. Do you hear a scratching in your walls or ceiling? Many homeowners have this experience, but may be unsure of the culprit. There are several types of wildlife that seek refuge in your walls or attics and all of them can cause significant damage. Attics are prone to birds, bats, and raccoons and the walls of your home are perfect nesting spots for mice, squirrels, and rats. If you hear scratching or squeaking coming from your home, give Critter Control of Albuquerque a call for an inspection today! Nuisance wildlife don't just disturb the inside of your home, but can also make your yard and out-buildings a hazardous place for you, your family, or your family pets. Snakes will hunker down just about anywhere: flower beds, old tires, crawl spaces, or underneath vehicles. This can quickly become a unsettling situation for a curious toddler or dog. Skunks also like to den themselves under porches or in the wells of basement windows. If a skunk feels threatened it can spray it's foul smelling liquid up to ten feet! Not only is the smell hard to get rid of, but it can cause temporary blindness if it gets in the eyes. Wildlife can be unpredictable, but especially when approached or cornered, so it's best left to the trained wildlife experts of Critter Control. We not only inspect and remove your nuisance pests, but we also assess for any damage and offer an estimate for repairs to return your home to its former condition. We will investigate your home and yard for points of entry to make sure your unwanted guests do not return.

Animal Removal

A homeowner's initial response might be to remove any nuisance wildlife themselves, but snake and raccoon trapping, skunk and bat removal, or mice and squirrel exclusion can be risky for the untrained individual, not to mention a health hazard. Of the 46 snakes that call New Mexico home, eight of them are known to be venomous. Without proper training, snake trapping and removal is not a risk you should ever take. Snakes will make bed down just about anywhere they can find sturdy enough shelter: old tires, out-buildings, garages, basements, or anything stationery in your home or yard that provides adequate protection for them. We handle the removal of skunks, raccoons, rats, insects, bats, rodents, squirrels, coyote, snakes, and birds.


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